mei xiang baby

The government shutdown is over, and the National Zoo has turned back on its 24/7 livestream of giant panda Mei Xiang and
"This baby panda, it so symbolizes hope for this country. And our country is in such a state right now with the government
The National Zoo confirmed on Monday morning that, should Congress not pass a spending bill by midnight on Monday, the zoo's panda cams will no longer provide us a life-affirming livestream of 233-pound panda mom Mei Xiang.
How'd you like that steady flow of tweets and Facebook posts about the amazing animals that live in captivity in the nation's
The zoo said that Mei, being a great mom, picked up the cub and started grooming her as soon as the exam was over, at 4:31
Update, Sept. 3, 8:29 a.m.: Know who's not quite so teeny tiny anymore? Here's Conservation International's description of
The zoo also said that Mei drank 56 oz. on Thursday, "which is a good sign that she's doing well," and that keepers and vets
We could not be more in love with the National Zoo's new panda baby, born to mother Mei Xiang on Friday afternoon. Zookeepers