Still, Jewish groups are unhappy with the news, with Rabbi Marvin Heir, founder and dean of Los Angeles's Simon Wiesenthal
The world, it seems, isn't ready to forgive Mel Gibson. Or maybe it just suddenly hates beaver puppets. So, having been reminded
Mel Gibson is making his film comeback -- in the the guise of a beaver. WATCH: The troubled star, who has spent the past
Gibson, at one time the most powerful movie star in the world, has been accused of racism and anti-semitism based on a number
You'd think that Mel Gibson, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Malibu, would have learned a thing or two about making himself a public spectacle. Apparently the sensitivity training classes didn't take.
Mel Gibson will ask a judge to expunge the DUI heard round the world. We've obtained legal papers (on Yom Kippur, funny enough