“When the surgeon tells you the best way to ensure you will be alive in five years is to remove your entire nose ― well, ‘shocking’ doesn’t begin to cover it.”
Pathology is not an exact science.
The network has renewed her contract as she battles cancer and keeps working.
"When he runs out, he puts his new coffee into the old can and never changes spoons."
One in 54 Americans will develop invasive melanoma – the rarest and deadliest type of skin cancer – in their lifetime.
Kelly Ripa urged the "Watch What Happens Live" host to get a spot on his lip checked out.
It’s never a good sign when they ask if you can come back that very day for surgery.
The vulnerability is like a plague, constantly exposing me and creating the immediate awareness of my true self without the layers of protection I've so deeply laid throughout my life. And it's the relationships that I forge (both the invigoration of old and the infusion of new) throughout the process that will hold me accountable to remain in this truth.
Note that an SPF of 30 is sufficient; high numbers, like SPF 100 or 120, are mere marketing gimmicks that give a false sense