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Denise and I have been living in South Yarra for nearly nine months. You know you're becoming part of the neighborhood when:
One state that can certainly learn from Australia's success is California. The state is currently undergoing a record-breaking
Food & Drink
After having lived in Melbourne for the past five months, it's safe to say I learned what good coffee is, albeit the hard way.
There is no question about it: To be a professional dancer, you need to stay fit. However, breakdancer Simon Ata, out of
Even as a skeptical traveller eager to avoid crowds, I can say that each destination from Melbourne is more fulfilling than the next. In just one month, I visited all of the top three day trips, some of them, twice.
Mardi Gras may be over, but the party is just getting started in the Big Easy.
New York
"Can't you just stay in New York and complain about it like the rest of us?" a friend asked. No, townies like me don't get this many excuses to flee. I had to go.
The Melbourne Festival is a 17-day, multi-venue exploration of visual and performing arts held each October in Australia's cultural capital. It's Melbourne's preeminent yearly cultural event, showcasing theatre, music, film, dance, visual art and more -- and it's every bit as ambitious, audacious and sprawling as one could expect.
When he's not greeting Weinrich, he can often be found sunning himself and being pet by curious train passengers while there
The Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia is bringing together more than 2,000 scientists, philosophers, writers
Michael Fitzpatrick on playing with His Holiness: "It's a very specific frequency he resides in, it's an extremely high vibration, but a really heavy grounded vibration at the same time."
Who knew pigs could fly? Check out these pork-bellied tricksters as they soar through the air at the annual Royal Melbourne
The Cruise family is down under at the moment, and Sunday Tom, Katie and Suri went to the stage production of 'Jersey Boy
Foul-mouthed reality TV chef Gordon Ramsay has shocked a public audience by vilifying a high-profile Australian journalist
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Four baby snakes grounded a Qantas plane in Melbourne after they made a doomed bid for freedom during a flight from Alice