Melissa King

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"They ranged from 'Oh my God, I can't believe you would do something like that,' to 'Are you on drugs?' Just things they
The photo shows King covered with white icing on her face. The picture's title is "Not Again...", which may be a reference
Melissa King shot her porn scene -- which, despite being all smiles for, she admits on-cam was done mostly for the money -- then probably figured she'd just get on with her life.
King inicialmente había negado que era ella la de la cinta, asegurando al Delaware Online que la mujer en él "absolutamente
King initially denied appearing in the pornographic film, telling Delaware Online that the woman in the video was "absolutely
She told Delaware Online that the woman in the video is not her, but she gave up her crown anyway. King gave up her Miss
It's a different story when you're stuck outside your hotel room naked while trying to set your room service tray in the
TMZ obtuvo una copia de la oferta de YouPorn a King, la cual dice en parte: Aunque su "oferta" no menciona si debe tener
According to TMZ, Melissa King, who resigned the title of Miss Teen Delaware USA following allegations that she appeared