Stuck for vacation ideas? How about a trip to the first hotel inside the Chernobyl exclusion since the deserted Ukrainian city’s infamous nuclear reactor went into meltdown in 1986.
Few things rival a kid tantrum for shock, awe and (especially in public) damage to the parental ego. Triggered by seemingly
I like to think of myself as a smart and well-educated person. From time to time, I even think that maybe, just maybe I am
1. Accept the situation for what it is. You can't change the fact that it's happened, now it's time to end it in a more peaceful
When a situation is getting heated with your child, a script that has been spoken many times before may threaten to come out of your mouth.
Compassion in the smallest moments, be it melted desserts or bubbles that burst a little too quickly, can lead to understanding our kids better in the long-term. There is power in allowing them to feel the full weight of their unhappiness. There is strength in supporting them as they work through their feelings and learn to regulate on their own accord without forcing them to stop crying -- to stop feeling -- before they are ready.
Think of it this way. Your child's resources have been completely used up by all of that sitting, managing, and missing. And they just plain old have nothing left.
This Starbucks employee goes crazy on a customer
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In case you missed the media frenzy on the coma box in your living room, Prince William and Kate were in New York City recently to hang out and see a play. But it's not what they did in NYC that was interesting. It's how they got there.
“There’s no way he’s still there, right? He’s gone? He left?” Le Batard said. “Oh, I wanted his reaction to that so bad.” H
Just like that, within a matter of seconds, my whole being changed: mind racing, heart pumping wildly, indigestion brewing
Now you're ready for the inhale. Keep your hands on your belly... Close your lips gently. Let the air come in through your
I need Elephant Lovey pronto with his smushed trunk and half-closed embroidered eyes. In this house, he is the toddler version of Ambien.
Days of anticipation and the flurry of opening presents can be overwhelming, especially for young children. Helping them manage their expectations will also help them, and you, avoid unpleasant meltdowns during what is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience.
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A friend once said there is joy to be found once your kids no longer believe in the holiday 'magic.' This meant she could finally get the credit she deserved. It took me many years to appreciate this, but as the season descends into madness, I'm already celebrating my sanity.
Slogans and promises alone will not be the solution. We need to get the rules and regulations that respond to real needs and to the needs of communities across the country.
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Buddha, 2000, pen, acrylic ink on paper, mounted on board 130.3×162.1cm, Private collection Regeneration, 2001, pen, acrylic
You didn't know Super Mario had moves like this, did you? Nathan Barnett has made a new dance video where he shows off his
About a year ago, I had a complete meltdown at work. I was set to present a training session and when I arrived in the parking lot, I physically could not get out of the car.