House lawmakers and their staffers used to make about 150 stops there a year on their privately sponsored jaunts around the world. Then came a massive ethics investigation, and they all stopped taking those free trips to Turkey -- cold.
What if the next President of the United States decided not to move to the nation's capital? After the election, they announced plans to fly into Washington on Monday -- keep office hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays -- and return home on Friday. Welcome to the United States Congress.
Among the U.S. lobbyists for Turkey, perhaps the most questionable is Porter Goss, CIA Director from 2004 to 2006, who has agreed to sell his soul and possibly U.S. national secrets for a fistful of Turkish Liras.
What does it mean for a representative democracy when most of its representatives are insulated from the real-world economic experiences of its citizens?
Today, the working poor receive $3-7 Billion in federal assistance. The real number is probably higher than that, but the savings from raising the minimum wage is not likely to be 100 percent. So, let us call it $5 Billion.
I had spoken with my husband Tom, and I heard the fear and screams in the background. I saw the images on TV of his building engulfed in flames. All those innocent people trapped above the point of impact in the North Tower had no chance of survival -- no chance of rescue.
When you are in the midst of a political life, it feels as if the personal part of your life is put on hold and you have to hold your breath and hope for the best until it is over.