memorial service

“Justice Ginsburg’s life was one of the many versions of the American dream.” Chief Justice John Roberts delivered a heartwarming tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg during a memorial service at the Supreme Court.
Roberts called Ginsburg's life "one of the many versions of the American dream."
"Being there was like being there for all my friends whose funerals I already went to," the actor said. "All the tears I ever wanted to cry were coming out."
Nipsey Hussle’s legacy was celebrated at his memorial service with more than 21,000 fans in attendance.
The senator from Arizona is the 31st person to lie in state in the Capitol rotunda, according to the Architect of the Capitol website.
Survivors said those who denied a genocide had occurred were not welcome at the event.
Andrew Moore had been destined for a nameless grave.
There was no music, no sermon, no liturgy that day -- just an unplanned outpouring from an unlikely ragtag collection of
Have we done what we need to do to protect the people closest to us who will be left behind? Are our spouses, our children, or are partners prepared to make important decisions on our behalf, and have we given them clear instructions for doing so? I
When someone you believe you know, and think well of, is at the center of the most horrible act you can imagine, the pieces don't come together. There is no making sense of an incomprehensible action.