“Men don’t really get taught to sit alone with their thoughts,” says Smiler. “We teach boys and men that they need to be
3. The man takes his daughter for her first day of preschool. She’s in tears, screaming, "Daddy, don’t go!" and the man is
The findings suggest that the problem is specific to boys, but it’s unclear why. Niedenthal offers one hypothesis: “It could
Considering that men comprise fully half of the individuals who get divorced, isn't it reasonable to expect they would at least be a significant presence in the divorce discourse?
In my role as a mother turned amateur anthropologist, I've been shocked at what I did not know, horrified at what I can't begin to understand and terrified that I'm not up the task of raising creatures who leave laundry strewn about the house.
I never met a man who was so satisfied with his lack of emotional control that he refused to accept that change was possible. The problem is learning how to deal with their feelings when they arise.
You would like your Boomer husband or boyfriend to open up more and talk about his emotions. He's probably aware of his feelings; he just hasn't said them out loud very often.
Men don't talk because the very vocabulary for day-to-day life has been so dominated by a female frame of reference that we've lost the ability to explain ourselves in any meaningful way.