2. Hormones Both men and women experience some sexual changes with age. For women, it's commonly known as menopause, which
When it comes to sleep quantity, Japanese men sleep the least of all, logging less than six hours every night except for
It goes without saying that men and women are different in infinite ways. And it goes without saying that women can be a bit more verbal about how they are feeling.
When it comes to gender and money, there's no shortage of stats on how the sexes stack up. But while you're probably used to hearing those differences dissected in discussions of salaries and pay inequality, it turns out there's a bit more to it: Gender plays a role in a whole range of everyday money matters.
On the other hand, the clever person who came up with this study is himself a man -- or close: 15-year-old Ben Alexander
Two female friends of ours recently announced their plans to retire from their jobs in September. But not our friend, Larry. The idea of retirement terrifies him.
Additional resources: Harvard Kennedy School of Government paper (P.Norris; R.Inglehart) U.S Congregational Life Survey (Wave
A mansplainer assumes a woman knows less than he does. A male muter assumes a woman knows less than he does and thus feels no need to explain.
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus... or are they? Are the differences between boys and girls really that great? Or is our biological determinism more of a self-fulfilled prophecy?
I will undergo what is affectionately called a bunionectomy on my right foot. No mobility for five days and no weight bearing on my foot for six weeks. Oh, and for a little added fun and drama, I will have a spiffy cast up to the knee. Are we having fun yet?
2. Having a messy home. Though an estimated 81 percent of men and 87 percent of women report feeling anxious about home upkeep
“The data here doesn’t really give the best indication of drivers,” admitted analyst Jeremy Acevedo in an email
According to a new study men and women have very different regrets when it comes to their sexual past. What are the differences and why do men and women have such different attitudes towards sex? We talk with a man who was fired for his sexual history.
When meeting a romantic contender in the "real world," there's at least a grain of amorous interest that, ideally, keeps either party from running for the door when they discover the other's employment situation is in shambles.
Some believe it all started with a tennis match in the 1970s but the battle between the sexes has always existed -- it just gets updated for today's modern dilemmas: who gets paid more at work for the same job, who is a better driver, who controls the remote at home, who gets kicked off the reality TV program island and on it goes.
Pinterest: Inspirational quotes, work-appropriate outfits. We searched a number of generic terms on both sites and picked
More than half of Americans have more savings than credit debt, a trend that's been rising since 2011. However, having more savings and being comfortable with the amount of savings and debt you have are two very different things.
I wholeheartedly agree with Marche's view that the need for flexibility, balance and alignment isn't just a family or workplace issue, or a mothers versus fathers issue. It's all of the above.
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