While the U.S. Census Bureau is bound by law to protect private information, it’s not unreasonable that Muslim Americans would be concerned.
Just 1 percent of regular actors on primetime and streaming television are Middle Eastern or North African.
By James M. Dorsey US president Donald J. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem potentially sets the stage for a controversial
  By James M. Dorsey Talks aimed at transferring US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia serve as an indicator of where the
Transition is the name of the game in the Middle East and North Africa. The question is, transition to what? Dominating the
It is important that we convey our gratitude to those who have contributed so amply to our international communities.
As Saudi Arabia reels from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s frontal assault on the kingdom’s elite, indications are that
By James M. Dorsey Recent moves by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates suggest that the two Gulf states may be looking
By James M. Dorsey As US President Donald J. Trump gropes with a set of bad options for responding to North Korea’s rapidly
  By James M. Dorsey Saudi Arabia, with the Islamic State on the ropes in Iraq, is forging ties to Iraqi Shiite leaders and