Mendenhall Glacier

A time-lapse video shows eight years of retreat at Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier in just seconds.
The location is spectacular -- separated by the narrow Gastineau Channel from Douglas Island, surrounded on all sides by snow- and glacier-capped mountains gouged into tortured folds and precipices by the retreating glaciers of the ice age.
The journalistic cowardice of peppy, preening, self-absorbed muppets is not a sign of a coming apocalypse. It is, however, a symptom of national decline. If you can't face the future with open eyes, you're probably afraid of where you're going.
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Salmon so dense, dying in the creeks so thick, one could imagine walking across right on them. And a baby porcupine sleeping soundly by a stream, spotted while hiking the National Forest at the most blue of beautiful blues Mendenhall Glacier.
The team has tentatively identified the trees as either spruce or hemlock, based on the diameter of the trunks and because
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