By James Prenatt Last summer I became engaged to the woman who would later become my wife.  It wasn’t an easy time and it
Gonorrhea has become an increasingly urgent global health problem.
Four of the 13 patients who died have tested positive for Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C.
World Meningitis Day is celebrated on April 24 each year to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningitis, the
This isn’t just a major threat to global health – it will become THE major threat.
Ear infection complications can happen when the infections become severe or recurrent. I already discussed common myths about
For Teen Vogue, by Brittney McNamara.  After a woman died in April when she mistook meningitis for a hangover, her parents
The Ezzedine family is receiving care in Damascus, but other ill Syrians remain trapped by a siege.
I know about this disease first-hand. I contracted it during my first few weeks of college and I nearly lost my life. I spent two weeks in coma and lost my hearing. I had to put off medical school for a year while I recovered.
11-year-old Yaman was evacuated to Damascus from the town of Madaya for treatment, but his family was left behind and don’t know where to turn.
Meningitis Research Foundation and our incredible supporters do everything possible to make sure meningitis research is a
"He acabado con moretones, pero feliz, nunca me hubiese imaginado pasar mi cumpleaños colgada a 20 metros del suelo, mis