"Menopause is something women go through mostly alone."
Plus: What coronavirus means for sex workers.
Between sexism and ageism, menopause gives rise to many stereotypes that have consequences for women's private and professional lives.
In 2019, Hollywood started celebrating older mothers exploring their sexualities without shame.
Sudden overheating can happen at any age, depending on other health concerns you may have.
I started researching phrases like, “sex in your 40s,” “pissed at my family all the time,” and “left boob pain; am I dying?”
Experts break down perimenopause, which can sometimes start in a person's late 30s.
It would give you a chance to make up for that Chatty Cathy doll I never did get.
Perhaps you are in a hurry. If so, here’s the bottom line at the top: it turns out women can use hormone replacement to manage