The most common immediate reaction was disorientation and confusion, as if the question itself was somehow beyond comprehension
I say this not to elicit sympathy, but to merely state a fact: My cat died and I am sad. Which, if you have ever loved an animal, is a perfectly appropriate response. Yet I'm not telling the entire story. I am very sad. I am breathlessly, obsessively, perhaps ridiculously sad over the death of my cat, Bongo.
With the loss of the only gay male lead in a mainstream comic book series, it leaves a hole in the social consciousness of America. If mainstream studios won't create comic books with gay leading characters, then it's up to independent authors to create them.
In short, most guys have been taught since birth that when it comes to pain, you suck it up. Which means we don't get to the doctor for regular checkups. Which means we ignore chest pains until they become heart attacks. Which means we die too young.
Grief is an inevitable part of every human life, regardless of gender. It is also one of the great isolating forces in the lives of men. Male grief is all too often invisible, misunderstood, and unwanted, which leaves many men in the difficult position of having to deal with their grief on their own, if they deal with it at all.
Have you seen Jim Carrey in Yes Man? Host of the Awake Your Alpha Podcast, Adam Lewis Walker says, "Take the lead in your
What has been the major lesson learned from his parents' mistakes? Separate and individuate from your family of origin to become your own person early.
"Misleading," one 21-year-old said. "I've learned that being a man doesn't mean to shut out your feelings -- it's to embrace
The discordance between words and body language on the part of both the parents and their sons is, at times, painful to watch. Like these young boys, I was unable to be truthful with my parents during my time at boarding school.
My Brother's Keeper is not simply an effort to improve the condition for racial and ethnic minority communities, it is an endeavor of considerable national consequence with a capacity to improve all communities, for all of us.
Speak up. Say something. Tell a friend his sexist joke is actually kind of lame. Be that guy. Change the norm.
How can the NFL not take intimate partner violence at least as seriously as drug use or corruption? This is institutional impunity, pure and simple.
Feminism is a win/win. There is no loser in demanding equal rights for men and women.
When it comes to the fringes, neither side is really fighting about what they say they are -- they're projecting and acting out much deeper hurts. The 150 or so attendees of the convention I went to weren't all monsters by any stretch of the imagination. But I daresay most of them weren't very happy people either.
In the past, men were expected to be unfailing and to know it all. That is no longer a working paradigm because it's unfair
When I realized I couldn't just decide to change who I was, I acted out against myself. I became anorexic, unconsciously
One of the great tragedies of our age is that serious discussion of men and women is more often a discussion of men vs. women. The sexes must be eternally at war, it seems. There is no gain for the one without loss for the other.
While these years may feel surprisingly more pressurized than your 20s, they will unexpectedly also bring the most personal growth in your life. You're no longer allowed to kick back in flip-flops on the bench -- you're in the big leagues, in cleats with a giant 3-0 on your back. This is where you find out who you are and who you really want on your team.
Standing behind our lived experience is an 'ideal' of how we think -- or perhaps it's a preconscious knowing -- this relationship could be or should be. The Father, we feel, should bring out the highest in the Son.
I cannot even begin to try to explain how difficult it is for men over the age of 25 years-old to cultivate friendships with fellow men.