have been married to my wife for 40 years. She went through menopause in her early 40s. She had breast cancer two years before menopause. The creams didn't really work, sex just wasn't the same. Since she had breast cancer, HRT is out.
A new study out of Harvard Medical School focuses on maintaining a healthy sex life in midlife and beyond. We're joined by a group of post-50 experts to share their stories and advice on getting down, no matter your age.
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By first acknowledging and accepting the new realities of getting and giving pleasure, older men may find that the next chapter
When it comes to how sex over 50 for men, all interested parties seem to focus on erections -- or, more specifically, the
It's hard to deny that there's a certain canine simplicity in many men's sexual response; and a feline complexity is apparent in many women's.
The way a baby responds to the mother's body is its imprint for both food and sex, so the two are bound to be approached with the same manners, skills, desire and appetite.
ENDA would have mostly protected people who cleaned up well enough to get a job in the first place: straight-looking people.