"How would you like to take a Mensa test later today?" she asked. No, as a matter of fact. I downed a plate of electric-yellow
b. Wealth c. Hair 7. Donald likes Sean but not Megyn. Hillary likes Power but not Bill. Bernie likes Medicare for all. Who
And you'll never guess what he wants to do for a living.
My dream board on my desk has a picture of the tortoise and the hare to remind me of the big picture...the slow and steady
Elizabeth Magie’s version was called “The Landlord Game." And talk about an income gap: Parker Brothers bought the patent
Three-year-old Selena Janik was recently inducted into Mensa, the elite society for individuals with high intelligence scores
If the new crop of conservatives wants the kind of national stage that Bachmann is ceding, they have to jump in the deep end of the nut bowl with a snorkel and a mouthful of garbled sound bytes.
The Dormans added that they are pushing the Collinsville School District to provide Gus, and other kids like him, with specialized
Watch the video (above) to see Sherwyn showing off his mental prowess. This photo of Sherwyn holding his Mensa certificate