mental disability

We have 10 times as many seriously mentally ill people in our jails and prisons as in our state hospitals.
He allegedly attacked his victim with tongs dipped in a hot grease fryer.
The triggers for such violence are not as easy to quantify. To help those at risk for such abuse, consider getting involved
Like thousands of other people in 2006, Jose Franco was detained by immigration authorities. Most detainees are either deported to their country of origin or released. But this case took a different route.
A spokeswoman for Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican who is weighing a run for the presidency, said the governor could
MORE DUMB CRIME MUGSHOTS: "He had no disability. He wasn’t in a car accident," Hooksett Police Detective Janet Bouchard told
Anya was born in Russia with heart defects and deformed hands. Convicted of child abuse, the state court recommended medication, counseling, and a chance to regain custody of her child. But ICE took over.
Some of her clients are refugees, but most are people who lived in the U.S. legally for their entire lives. When their disabilities
Retarded. It's ubiquitous. I can't escape it. But I have never gotten used to hearing it. Some words serve a variety of purposes; but some are meant to be attached to one exclusive definition.
Walt Monegan's become one of the most talked-about individuals in the 2008 presidential campaign -- and his profile was never bigger than it was on Friday.