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A little slice of trivia to wow your friends during the Kentucky Derby.
Aside from placement, also watch out for the "house wine." Allen previously told The Huffington Post that it's usually the
Have you ever been asked to do something that seems a bit excessive at your internship -- like, say, fetch a seemingly endless
Who doesn't like amusement parks? No one. Not a single person on this Earth dislikes amusements parks and general knowledge
Said De-Clutter Project has taken over my life. (Slight exaggeration, I guess. But it's been time-consuming, for sure.) Each
Would you believe that Bill Nye the Science Guy got his name by being teased? For even more crazy and surprising truths about
Stop worrying about "breaking the seal." There is no seal. If there is, you should get it checked out.
#19 - Syracuse University has a student publication called "Jerk" that promises to "represent the jerk in all of us." Thanks
From eating Tic-Tacs the right way to folding a shirt like a boss, the Internet has taught us many, many invaluable life