mentally disabled

Freddie Lee Hall, who has been on Florida’s death row for more than 30 years and scored in the mid-70s on IQ tests, is arguing
Residents of a village in eastern Lebanon forced hundreds of Syrian refugees from an informal campsite on Monday, setting fire to tents after accusing them of raping a mentally-disabled man.
It would appear that Americans want to be left alone, except when they don't want to be. But picking and choosing when is not what ensuring the domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare is about. What we have is petulance substituting for governance.
On a level with crimes against children are those who would prey on the mentally or physically disabled. On "Who the (Bleep
The board has commuted the death sentences of four inmates since 2000. During that time, 27 Georgia inmates whose requests
The Johnsons also allegedly put hot sauce on the victim's genitals and prevented her from using a shower to alleviate the
"The people we hire have normally been tossed aside by society. ... All they want is a chance and opportunity. We're mentoring
His father, He Zhimin, is a 62-year-old farmer with unruly whiskers and hands that tremble as he fingers photographs of his
Amid all the fun finger-pointing, the least we can do is acknowledge that we all, Dems and Reps, libs and cons, have failed the mentally disturbed among us.
We can thank the NRA for lobbying against any and all common-sense measures that would have any hope of preventing tragedies such as the Tucson massacre.