mentally ill inmates

"It's one of those things where something so minor turned into this lifetime behind bars," London told HuffPost Live host
In June, the medical examiner's office ruled Ballard's death a homicide, saying he had been denied access to medication. The
Our fairly recent reliance on prisons and homelessness as solutions to mental illness was the common fashion 200 years ago but now seems anachronistic and indecent in a society that has the tools and can afford to do much better.
Following the reports, Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to lead reforms and appointed Joseph Ponte as the city's new correction
Though coverage wouldn't start until inmates leave jail, the policy would allow applicants to sign up while still incarcerated
"I do think there are connections here," Dart replied. "Some are getting treated. Other ones aren’t getting treated. People
As recently as 2012, the report said that the average length of stay for mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement was
Gov. Jerry Brown's demands that a federal court relax the judicially mandated prison-population cap not only highlight California's outlier status in prison policy, but also underscore the need for President Barack Obama's initiative to increase mental-health services.
Studies by the US government have found over half of all jail and prison inmates have mental health issues, and suicide is the number one cause of death in local jails. HuffPost Front Page Editor Alana Horowitz joins Ahmed to discuss.
In 2000, when Armando Cruz was 17, a local police officer was attacked with a knife from behind. His throat was cut but he
Tonight, the state of Georgia is set to execute Warren Hill, a 52-year-old African-American man with an undisputed IQ of 70. He has received widespread support for clemency. Now, only the United States Supreme Court can protect Mr. Hill from execution.
We were all stunned when Superior Court Judge Ulmer looked at my son and said: "You come from a good background, you had a good education, you've suffered no hardship. Four years."