Mercedes Schlapp

Democratic strategist Chris Hahn raged at Mercedes Schlapp and Tucker Carlson for spreading conspiracy theories about vaccine passports.
"Sorry, she's a reporter," Bill Hemmer corrected the Trump campaign's Mercedes Schlapp, who had called Welker a "bit of an activist."
Mercedes Schlapp compared Joe Biden's town hall to the beloved "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood."
President Donald Trump’s campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp was called out on CNN after she falsely claimed mail-in voting leads to voter fraud.
CNN's Brianna Keilar repeatedly fact checked Mercedes Schlapp's apparent attempts to villainize mail-in voting.
"Frankly, it makes you guys look silly when you deny the reality of what happened," the Fox News host told Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp.
The White House is sending mixed messages over the altered video of Jim Acosta's encounter with an intern.
With the one, actual migrant caravan 900 miles from the U.S., a White House spokeswoman made the latest pitch to Fox News.