🎤 Even though you don’t mean to hurt me, you keep tearing me apart 🎤
And it is a serious matter. But the findings in the Purdue study are also consistent with a developing body of research on
When others call islam barbaric, violent and backwards, she gets angry. If they knew how wonderful Islam is - she says - they
I believe that prayer does matter, especially after the Orlando massacre -- and it's an argument I'll make with all due respect to those critics who believe prayer is a senseless waste of time.
In a day when Americans make a sport of religion and a religion of sports, Peyton is a paragon of character, class, and compassion
The PRB could screen applicants seeking clemency--looking for documented criteria such as rehabilitation, good behavior while
Everyone is looking to be loved. Anna was no exception. While still in her late teens, she met and fell in love with an older man who gave her what she craved. "Could he be the one to love and accept me for who I am?" she wondered.
But I hope in a corner of my heart that Francis I can open himself to a kind of Super-ecumenical position, not only allowing
My heart is far from perfect, and while the world might see actions of generosity or self-sacrifice God and I know my heart. I can't hide from Him, and when I try the problems only get worse and my relationships only become more strained.
Her eyes were beautiful and dark. They were all the more striking because of the contrast they presented to the pale elegance of her face. She was wrapped in layers of winter clothing to protect herself from the mean bite of the cold Butte morning.
We come equipped with many gifts to help guide us in our lives, and when we use them to serve one another, we go forward
This past March, Pope Francis announced that 2016 would be an Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. This is a holy year that takes place every 25 years and the Pope can proclaim an extraordinary one as he deems necessary.
Western openness exemplifies our best values. Unlike tyrannical regimes like Assad's or roving bands of murderers like ISIL, such openness is inclusive. Tolerant. And by being tolerant at home, we promote tolerance abroad. We lead by example.