🎤 Even though you don’t mean to hurt me, you keep tearing me apart 🎤
In pop culture, the devil or demons are largely sources of entertainment, from the head-spinning special effects in horror
What of the Qur'an teaching: Say [Oh Muhammad]: "O followers of earlier revelation! Come unto that tenet which we and you
I believe that prayer does matter, especially after the Orlando massacre -- and it's an argument I'll make with all due respect to those critics who believe prayer is a senseless waste of time.
Then and now, all the way from Rocky Top to the Rocky Mountains, the power of Peyton is measured not in touchdown passes
Commutations don't pardon criminals for their crimes. They don't say to a prisoner, "We are letting you go; it's as if you
Everyone is looking to be loved. Anna was no exception. While still in her late teens, she met and fell in love with an older man who gave her what she craved. "Could he be the one to love and accept me for who I am?" she wondered.
To me, this is the story that needs to be told, however a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim wants to couch it. Does it
My heart is far from perfect, and while the world might see actions of generosity or self-sacrifice God and I know my heart. I can't hide from Him, and when I try the problems only get worse and my relationships only become more strained.