meredith kercher

It was interesting seeing all the pundits last night because they all seemed like they'd been run over by a truck. They were
A woman was murdered. But we chose to talk about Knox's sex life instead.
Ashley Olsen, 35, was found in her Florence apartment with her neck bruised and scratched, police said.
The case against Knox was flawed and influenced by the media furore around the murder trial, the court said.
With her feet planted firmly on the ground again, instead of making the headlines, she's writing them. West Seattle native Knox has taken up the task of freelancing for the West Seattle Herald.
People ask me why I care about this case. It is because I am a human and a feminist. Why are we, as a society, so quick to sexualize and blame victims on the very basis of gender? Why must we live by some imaginary angel/whore binary?
Presiding Judge Alessandro Nencini concluded in the document that the evidence "inevitably leads to the upholding of the
Sollecito was reportedly staying with his girlfriend Greta Menegaldo, who comes from the city of Treviso according to Italian