You may not know the name Lou Barlow -- he's never stolen the mike from a teenager at the VMAs. But that doesn't mean that he or his bands -- Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh -- are any less important on our cultural sidewalk splatter
Conor and I had a conversation back before the election about his activism, politics, and, of course, the music.
Superchunk, The Rosebuds and Birds of Avalon will be playing a concert to benefit the Cy Rawls Benevolance fund on August 29th at Cat's Cradle in NC.
The once antiquated method of listening to music has been making a welcome comeback among both young and old music fans, especially in the indie-music realm. So why now?
One of Obama's most ardent supporters is Conor Oberst, the singer/songwriter best known for his band, Bright Eyes.