Obama Swoons Over Merkel: 'If I Were German I Might Vote For Her'
The German chancellor is suffering a backlash against the government's refugee policy.
Exit polls show a stinging defeat for the German leader's party.
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Europe is struggling with a refugee crisis of epic proportions. Whether the various efforts to stem the tide will bring about a significant drop in the number of immigrants is yet unknown. But what already is clear: Germany, which has taken the brunt of the immigrants in Europe, has a Herculean task.
Sunday night, in Germany and by extension in the rest of Europe, we will face a new political scenario. Will Merkel manage to face it like a strong leader, just as she has done so far, instead of being slowly but surely destroyed by it?
This post was first published with European Affairs, Washington D.C. Generations of Germans after the war have never learned
I have been having way too much fun lately mashing up works of art with images inspired by current events and world leaders.
Hundreds of criminal complaints, and police suspicion of asylum seekers, is causing concern.
"This is in the interests of the citizens of Germany, but also in the interests of the great majority of the refugees who are here."