Sen. Jeff Merkley Gives Passionate Anti-TPP Speech
Wehby said she would have voted to make the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent and to approve the tea party "cut, cap
Her proposals to pay for the cuts are less clear. She calls to "simplify and eliminate loopholes" and "balance the budget
Nevertheless, it has sparked an aggressive backlash. Most of the activity from DOJ so far has focused on payday lenders that
In June, the House passed a bill that would completely exempt from U.S. oversight derivatives sold through the nine most
WASHINGTON -- Sens. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), joined by a group of Democrats and Republicans, introduced
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) will give the opening keynote adress at the Netroots Nation conference next month in San Jose
Although well-understood as a key element in D.C.-dysfunction, it is not so widely appreciated just how destructive the filibuster, as abused by the Republicans, has been.
The U.S. has about 66,000 troops still in Afghanistan, with 34,000 set to leave by early 2014. We encourage you to consider
Mr. President, in tonight's speech, focus on jobs. Urge Congress to abandon policies that we know will shrink our economy, and present a plan for putting America back to work.