merrick garland

Freedom of speech "does not extend to threats of violence or intimidation,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said.
Attorney General Merrick Garland announced an investigation into whether the Arizona city and its police department have violated civil rights laws.
The Justice Department will review its policies and procedures related to capital cases during this pause.
The attorney general said the DOJ will fight back as Republican-led state legislatures pass voting restrictions because of Donald Trump's voter fraud lies.
“I don’t think anybody expected it to be continued," the MSNBC anchor said of the Trump-stained Justice Department.
The federal appeals court judge who was blocked by Republicans for a Supreme Court seat in 2016 was confirmed in a bipartisan vote.
The Senate minority leader told Politico that Garland had his support, five years after he refused to advance his nomination to the Supreme Court.
Joe Biden's attorney general nominee brushed off the senator's "defund the police" question with a reference to the Jan. 6 riot.
President Joe Biden's nominee puts a bull's-eye on white supremacists and upholding the rule of law in his confirmation hearing prepared testimony.
President-elect Joe Biden has selected Merrick Garland as his attorney general. In 2016, the federal appeals court judge was refused a hearing to be confirmed as an associate justice of the Supreme Court.