merrick garland

Republicans only want recordings of Biden's special counsel interviews "to chop them up, distort them, and use them for partisan political purposes," the White House said.
The Justice Department gave Republicans the transcript of Robert Hur's interview with Joe Biden, but now they want the audio.
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, a Pennsylvania Republican, criticized Attorney General Merrick Garland’s call to challenge “unnecessary” restrictions on ballot access.
Hur, a Republican, clerked for two well-known conservative judges.
The U.S. attorney general will be under general anesthesia during the procedure scheduled for this weekend.
The attorney general said it concerns him that a huge number of Republican voters think the cases are politically motivated.
The attorney general said police's response to the Uvalde mass shooting in 2022 was a "series of major failures."
The attorney general made the comment on "60 Minutes" as Trump and allies continue to claim the cases were timed to undermine his presidential campaign.
The attorney general had a fiery rebuke for Republicans who suggested he has presided over discrimination against Catholics.
The conservative Colorado Republican has repeatedly spoken out against his party’s push to impeach Joe Biden.