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The free night of storytelling will take place Friday, Feb. 28 at the BGSQD, and will become a recurring monthly event. Head
"Bushwig is an event that not only acknowledges and honors its predecessor, Wigstock, but also forges new ground with the
Mr. Transman 2013 is a pageant for female to male transgender people, featuring prominent trans men competing for the crown. Established in 2010, the pageant is the first of its kind. We talk to the winner Winter Laike and the pageant's founders.
How would you characterize the kind of drag that you do? Punk rock mexican pretty girl. Describe the drag scene and community
The Mr. Transman competition is back for its third year in a row -- and the competition is stiffer than ever. For more information
In what way would you say that the drag scene in Brooklyn points to the direction that drag is going? I would hope the amount
The Huffington Post: How did you get your start in the drag world? Merrie Cherry: I started doing drag in San Francisco. It