How much of a game do we want to play with something so dangerous to humanity?
By Drs. David Niesel and Norbert Herzog Marburg belongs to a group of viruses called Filoviruses, which includes Ebola, that
The Rio Olympics has been hit by allegations of a conflict of interest over the dangers of the Zika virus to tens of thousands
We often fail as well to perceive and prioritize our common humanity. We rally to the defense of it when fighting the threats
We're coming into closer contact with bats because of human and livestock expansion into forests.
Camels are the primary host for Middle East respiratory syndrome.
One year after Ebola left the U.S., most states don't focus enough on disease prevention.
"The world is at risk because there are huge gaps in our knowledge base."
The public is right: The world is not prepared for the next epidemic. We're no better equipped to respond quickly to an outbreak than we were a year ago. But we can be - and at a fraction of what it would cost if we don't act urgently.
North Korea trumpeted the same drug during deadly bird flu outbreaks in 2006 and 2013. The North's claim comes as rival South
The virus has infected over 150 people in South Korea and killed 19 of them since it was first diagnosed on May 20 in a businessman