On the third floor of the townhouse that is "21," Tom Brokaw interviewed Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi, the star and filmmakers of the documentary Meru at a special lunch celebrating the film's success.
Anyways, I digress, back to my point! What is my point? Right. My point is, in both of these insane stories, it all comes
As someone who is a total klutz and rather fearful of heights, trust me whey I say that this staggeringly beautiful film by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi is the perfect armchair adventure.
In one of the film's most harrowing story lines, Renan Ozturk had a bad accident in Jackson Hole on a shoot. Jimmy Chin brought
The "Into Thin Air" author tells HuffPost Live he still suffers from PTSD after his experience in 1996.
The next day, we climbed the bowl-like side of the Great Barranco Valley and, by early afternoon, we reached our camp at Lava Tower, a 200-foot spur of orange volcanic rock.