Meryl Davis

Designer Carrie Hammer believes fashion has the power to spark social change. She not only creates custom garments for professional women to help them feel more confident, but actually sends those women down the Mercedes-Benz runway.
6. Relationships and goal setting are the keys to every success. And the child is proud and thankful for every member of
"I've never been one to comment on my personal life, but Maks and I have an amazing relationship. Our chemistry, I think
Meryl Davis joins HuffPost Live to discuss her "chemistry" with Maksim Chmerkovskiy.
The 27-year-old ice dancer skated in over 75 competitions with her partner Charlie White before taking home the gold at the
When Olympic skeleton driver Noelle Pikus-Pace zoomed face-down on her sled to the finish line of a frozen track, then realized her time was fast enough to win a silver medal, she blew off reporters, photographers and microphones. She had to find her family first.
Get four big dudes who can really sprint, cram them into one of those 12-foot-long space shuttles, and let's see if they can do a Double McTwist 1260 at 80 mph.
Luckily, the Winter Games are bringing us a whole new round of inspiring women to be in awe of. Here are 11 women to look
Clearly I was not the only one wondering. P&G discovered the athletes' parents back in 2010, in Vancouver, using the tagline
If we missed your favorite Michigan Olympian, let us know in the comments! Through the years Michigan has born (and raised