message in a bottle

Her note was found 60 miles from Wales, where she threw it into the ocean.
The handwriting and details in the note matched with the captain's log of a German ship.
The man who found it was struck by the immense emotion in the simple note.
The glass bottle, first tossed into the North Sea by a British marine biologist in 1906, was found last April on a German island.
The bottle was tossed into the North Sea sometime between 1904 and 1906.
A message in a bottle tossed into Washington state's Puget Sound around 1975 made its way out into the open Pacific and survived
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The Daily Mail reports the English family is considering a visit to the Netherlands. So far, the correspondence has been
"Paul Walker’s message from the past is a wake-up call to how fast our global climate is already changing, and it signals
“When marine animals consume plastic trash, presumably mistaking it for food, this can lead to internal blockages, dehydration
With only her name as clue, Turan tracked Caballeros down and reunited her with her long lost message. “I took it home and
Charlaine and Claudia met Oisín at the airport in Quebec upon his arrival! When ten-year-old Oisín Millea found a bottle
My name is Adrian Lomas – I’m aged 9 and live in England, if you find this letter please write to me. Emmanuelle Demeautis
Leander pocketed the bottle and read the message on dry land. Eric Schiebold read about the discovery of the bottle in the
Message in a bottle made by two Detroit teens discovered in St. Clair River 100 years later.
(Reporting by Zoran Radosavljevic) A 23-year-old local surfer, who gave her name as Matea, nearly threw it away when she
This post began as a conversation about what we'd name a Nicholas Sparks book or movie if we were to be given such an honor