Police believe someone sprinkled cremated ashes during the second intermission.
Love can conquer all, and if there are any lingering doubts about it the Metropolitan Opera's fabulous production of Puccini's Turandot, which returned to the stage last night with a solid cast, should erase them.
The zaniness starts with the opening scene as Figaro's traveling wagon of a barber shop enters being pulled by a bevy of
The action then mirrors the original. There is a love triangle that becomes more complicated as the story unfolds. Amina and Elvino are about to be married, but Lisa, who was once engaged to Elvino herself, still carries the flame.
The experience of being moved to tears by art is not entirely foreign to me. I will tell you, in all honesty, that I can feel a van Gogh in the room. His art exudes an emotional quality, at times a frenzied desperation.
"The Met is delighted with the ruling and trusts this decision once and for all validates its longtime pay-what-you wish
It probably did not help endear the Bondy staging to the hearts of Met audiences that it replaced a 1985 production by Franco
This summer GLAM4GOOD partnered with The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute to create a punk themed, fashion event as part of the museum’s outreach to underserved youth in the greater New York City area.
See some reactions to the news below: Today marks the end of an era, dear readers. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art