metabolic syndrome

We're talking about metabolic syndrome. And here's what you need to know about it.
Here's why diabetes is so dangerous - chronically high blood sugars silently damage blood vessels and nerves, and that can
Another recent study, led by Eran Elinav, fed mice several commercially available sweeteners (saccharin - Sweet-n Low, sucralose
As with every scientific experiment, the experts warned that the parameters used in this trial significantly exceeds normal
David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD, is a practicing endocrinologist, researcher, and professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard
Millions of obese Americans are metabolically healthy, while many "normal" weight Americans aren't.
What's sad is that it took us until 2015 to put together a study that people are finally paying attention to. As the evidence
As mentioned before, the study aimed to keep caloric intake steady, and for the kids' weight to stay the same. However, despite
The good news is that when you start to eat less sugar your body will stop craving it. I suggest you don't try to change everything at once, just slowly add one good habit at a time and you'll notice that the bad habits go away.
A group of Korean researchers who set out to explore the distinguishing characteristics of morning and night chronotypes
I'm a certified clinical nutritionist, and the first piece of advice I give my patients is: "Don't eat anything with a barcode." That's because when you eat natural foods, you eliminate thousands of potentially dangerous artificial colorings and flavorings from your diet.
Currently, the rates of diabetes in the developing world are increasing; 347 million people around the globe have diabetes
Without a doubt we will all die one day, but the question of how is largely dependent on your behavior. Whether of the heart, or of the brain, degenerative disease is not inevitable. Change your actions and you change your outcome!
Excess fat is a primary cause of inflammation and explains why packing extra pounds promotes cardiovascular disease, diabetes and several cancers. So how could fat make weight loss easier?
We have a great deal of evidence that establishes this connection between sleep and diabetes. But we don't yet understand well the mechanics behind this connection.
Recent research indicates that there is a third party in our relationship with food that dramatically influences a myriad of processes including digestion, energy extraction and metabolism. This is the bacterial population that colonizes our gut.
I am more convinced than ever that the most important wellness solution is still missing from the larger conversation: the role of the onsite corporate café in healthy outcomes.
But Gaesser has a bone to pick with her there: He doesn't think Kramer's meta-analysis of long-term studies will have lasting