You might want to think twice before taking the (freezing cold) plunge.
There's a case for letting your body rest between weight-loss periods.
He says the most accurate way to identify how one responds to foods and substances is not to look for one single chemical
Here are three tips on how to prolong your health span, gleaned from an evolving literature. In 1900, life expectancy at
Over time, these simple changes can make a big difference in how you look and feel.
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The study involved 26 non-vegetarians and 26 vegetarians. Those in the vegetarian category had been following the diet for at least three years and either avoided all animal products or avoided only meat and fish.
Most people responded with misty eyes at the show's incredible weight loss success. Others knew something was wrong, like
See why puddle hopping from one diet plan to another isn't going to work? If your metabolism feels like it's running slow --it probably is. Going from one restrictive program to the next is only going to make it worse and lead to more weight gain. Here are four ways to make sure this doesn't happen to you