"To borrow John Dean’s haunting Watergate-era metaphor ... there is a cancer on the presidency and cancers, if not removed, only grow," Conway wrote.
They thought the barriers were some kind of metaphor.
One person wondered if the hole was Melania's escape tunnel.
Passover was the easiest because for me it lent itself to organizing an alternative Seder--keeping the story to read around
At times, a story demands more credibility than we can muster, so we change some of the details to reconcile ourselves to
Also like art, dreams beg to be interpreted, and are perennially subjected to inquiries as to their meaning. It is true that
Scott Pratt, the bestselling author of the Joe Dillard series of legal thrillers, worked as a criminal defense lawyer before writing his first novel, An Innocent Client.
By Julian B. Gewirtz and Rachel R. Kolb Read the full essay on the Poetry Foundation website. The question occurred to me
Psychotherapy creates a container through which understanding can be reached, meaning can be made, and personal development
I'm a pretty experienced reader, and I feel fairly confident that I can absorb, with some regularity, an author's message, slant, intent and, most important, emotion. But when I read something that suggests a hidden meaning, I start to feel the sweat of nervousness accumulating on my neck.