There are different approaches to solving this enormous problem. For example, there is research looking for biologic targets
We are advancing grassroots participation in large-scale research initiations such as the Metastatic Breast Cancer Project
Are you saving the ta-tas this October? How about second base? Maybe you'll put on an "I love boobies" bracelet or a giant boob costume in support the UK's Coppafeel campaign.
Today, we are missing important data. We don't know how many people are living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), how many early stage breast cancer patients have recurrences, and how the incidence and outcome of MBC have changed over time for the common subtypes of breast cancer.
Sometimes I forget I had cancer. Shocked when my cancer returned in September 2013, I didn't realize that nearly 30% of early
It is my greatest hope that we can place an increased focus on advanced breast cancer and create an increased amount of funding that is dedicated to those who are fighting for their lives on a daily basis with advanced breast cancer.
Robyn's life gyrates between extremes. One day she is in the courtroom relentlessly pressing a client's case, and the next she may be receiving chemotherapy and be so sick in the aftermath that she can barely stand. Robyn has simply outrun challenges that would flatten most normal people.
I would recommend getting multiple opinions on route of treatment. It is hard to not want to rush into something, but a second
Breast Cancer: A Story Half Told addresses the many misconceptions of MBC through photography. Five prominent photographers chronicled the lives of five women living with the disease. These five women are phenomenal!
As with everything else, I had to start my research and sure enough, I found a site that has shared the results of a survey