Hundreds filed reports with the American Meteor Society after spotting a bright blue-green meteor in the sky on Tuesday.
The fireball lit up the night sky as though a stadium turned on its lights, a Tallahassee resident said.
The National Weather Service in Detroit confirms that the "flash and boom" were not from lightning.
The incredible sight was reported by people in at least nine states and Canada.
Scientists are testing debris from a mysterious explosion in India that killed one person and injured three others.
People from Ohio to Ontario reported seeing the spectacular fireball.
Debris from a Russian rocket caused the spectacular sight, says scientist.
The spectacular display was seen from as far away as Wisconsin, Missouri and Michigan.
I admit, at first I was embarrassed by my own awe and wonder, my own enthusiasm and Facebook posting of the event in the sky. I got swept up in the kids' excitement, I thought. I didn't do my journalistic due diligence before I posted, I scolded myself. Both true. And yet.
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