Canada woman Ruth Hamilton narrowly missed getting hit by a meteorite that crashed through her roof and landed between her pillows.
Several bright objects were seen traveling quickly in the skies off the coast of Ireland.
Central Michigan University geology professor Mona Sirbescu said that she knew "within seconds" that the rock was special.
The collection includes mummies, the oldest human skull found in the Americas and one of the world's largest meteorites.
The National Weather Service in Detroit confirms that the "flash and boom" were not from lightning.
The space rock was located in a region where conditions once favored life.
The extraterrestrial gemstones are an added bonus.
A mysterious meteorite crashes into a school and many students are killed and even more are seriously injured. Five students inexplicably come out of the wreckage unscathed and gain supernatural powers while becoming outcasts at school. As they begin to search for answers, they become targets for a secret government program that tests the group's abilities for reasons unknown to them all.