Unlike most meteors, these are best viewed shortly after nightfall.
The annual sky show peaks on the morning of August 12.
No special equipment will be needed to see the meteors. Just find a spot with an unobstructed view of the sky and no glaring
Over 230 people, from West Palm Beach to Augusta, Ga., reported spotting the fireball--and nearly 50 of those people reported
Below, watch another dash cam recording filmed from a car driving in Auckland: Astronomer Grant Christie -- who, according
If you can’t make it outside to catch the Ursids in person, the Slooh space camera will live-stream 2014’s last meteor shower
Unable to make it outside when the meteors show up? The Slooh space camera is scheduled to live-stream the shower on Saturday
What exactly was this fireball? A meteor? A bit of space debris? A fantastically bright fireball put on quite a show across
Actually, the society said evidence suggests that the fireballs were unrelated. (Story continues below) A heat map of where
It is one of the most unlikely ways to die, but the history of alleged cases suggests that it can happen from time to time!
Meteor showers are created when particles or dust from cosmic objects (like asteroids or comets) enter Earth's atmosphere
Bouncing balls of light after a lightning storm have been reported for centuries, but only since about the 1960s have scientists started to carefully study them and discover that not only are they real and not fictions of folklore, but they are very hard to understand.
Over the next few days Earth will be passing through a stream of cosmic debris left in the wake of a near-Earth asteroid, 2003 EH1. Intersecting this trail of rocky particles means that some of these little guys will be pulled down into our atmosphere by Earth's gravity, causing a nice meteor shower.
This last meteor shower of 2013 should be visible for observers in the Northern Hemisphere. It's expected to peak Saturday
"What makes this exciting is that we're talking about a phenomenon that has been experienced by people for perhaps thousands