The nation's hardest hit communities are turning to the long-stigmatized opioid treatment.
The legislation calls for roughly $8 billion in federal investment over five years.
It’s largely because of Dr. Robert Newman that people in the United States and in countries around the world have access to methadone.
A lawyer representing Samantha Jones said she did not intentionally hurt her baby, calling it a “horrific, unfathomable accident.”
Our nation is in the throes of an opiate epidemic that has affected millions and is disproportionately affecting our young
Federal regulation of the trucking industry dates back to 1935, via the Motor Carrier Act of that year, which extended the authority of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC). The ICC itself was created in 1887 in response to public outcry against abuses perpetrated by the railroad industry.
Rikers Island Correctional Facility has run a model opioid treatment program since 1987.
Remember ninnies and sissies and the good old days when a certain kind of kid in your high school came equipped with a leather
The group didn't want HHS to increase prescriptions for buprenorphine.
Of the 2.2 million people who need treatment for opioid addiction, only about 1 million are receiving it, officials say.