Oil and gas production is the nation’s largest industrial source of methane.
Consulting firm M.J. Bradley & Associates authored a report ranking the nation’s largest methane polluters. Five of its own industry clients were on the list.
Luke Warford, a former energy consultant, is running for a seat on Texas’ influential Railroad Commission.
Methane is the second most common greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide.
In public, industry officials say companies have has an “economic incentive” to curb methane releases. In private, they have acknowledged that isn’t true.
The emissions and methane leaks from new gas plants zero out the CO2 cuts achieved from closing coal plants, a peer-reviewed analysis found.
Even Exxon Mobil and BP oppose the EPA’s decision to eliminate regulations on methane.
We went into the depths of the ocean with a scientist seeking to understand how frozen gas deposits might respond in a rapidly warming world.
The Environmental Protection Agency is set to roll back limits on Methane, a major greenhouse gas.
Even some oil and gas companies oppose the EPA plan to loosen regulation of the potent greenhouse gas.