NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has people looking to the red planet after it captured a glint of light and possible sign of life.
The bright spot in the distance was photographed days before the rover detected a possible sign of life on the Red Planet.
The judge laughed while mocking the deal's scientifically backed concern about methane gas.
A methane gas build-up inside the mine is said to have caused the blast.
Oil and gas companies will have to reduce methane emissions, beginning immediately.
When natural gas, primarily in the form of methane, is released into the air, so too are harmful pollutants.
The move is sure to delight EPA chief Scott Pruitt's oil and gas allies.
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The good news? Cutting methane could be the fastest route to mitigating climate change.
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Buried deep along the continental shelves of many of the world's oceans is an intriguing, recently uncovered, hydrocarbon
World leaders are gathering this weekend in Kigali, Rwanda to make the biggest climate decision since December's historic Paris Climate Agreement.
. Without question, it's time to reduce methane emissions and cut natural gas waste. This issue is what brought New Mexicans together last month for a forum sponsored by Southwest Organizing Project, JUNTOS, Hispanic Access Foundation and HECHO on air quality and the Bureau of Land Management's natural gas waste rule.
When these plants treat your wastewater they can also capture the methane and make electricity. Here is a short video from
Earlier this year in a surprise move, the Supreme Court issued a stay on the Clean Power Plan (CPP) while legal challenges