methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

At the beginning of my career I was involved in a study that aimed at the discovery of potential new antibiotics, and since then I have always had an interest in the subject.
As our antibiotic options disappear, scientists are looking around to see what else is out there.
By: Christopher Wanjek Published: April 06, 2015 04:27pm ET The new study began after Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander, a pulmonologist
The decision to use antibiotics should never be taken lightly. They should not be prescribed unless absolutely necessary. Aside from the ability of bacteria to mutate and develop resistance to antibiotics, these drugs also have side effects.
A new policy announced in Washington D.C. on October 8 was billed as a huge step forward in patient safety. The truth is that it will do almost nothing to prevent infections that kill more than 100,000 patients a year.