Method Man

Celebrities teamed up with the ACLU for a video titled "My Name Is Mirian."
Walk in the theater not expecting much. Walk out charmed and happy. Key & Peele will have that kind of affect on you. And that little furball that plays Keanu is worth his weight in catnip.
Rapper Method Man has joined the cast of VH1’s original hip-hop movie The Breaks. Production is underway for a late fall
On top of the thousands of must-see bands and acts for those attending South by Southwest / SXSW in 2015, I've compiled another list that attendees might find useful as we plot out our days and nights of many music genres playing across Austin next week.
The 44-year-old also appeared on HuffPost Live this week to share additional candid thoughts on race, policing and the death
"I felt the pain, because we had spoke out about a cop that had done that to one of my dear friends I grew up with, Ernest
Red and Mef 24 carat gold blunt !! Smokable .. We do this !! Yes, that is what you think. The rapper claims he had "the 1st
FXX, the new sister networks to FX, has announced its first original series," Chozen." The animated comedy from the creative
Wu-Tang Clan released its last album, "8 Diagrams," in 2007. The upcoming anniversary album will be the group's sixth studio