After a year prepping for confirmation, eight teens Omaha’s First United Methodist Church declined to join the UMC, saying its anti-LGBTQ policies are "immoral."
UMC delegates at a special meeting voted to affirm the church’s doctrine prohibiting same-sex marriage — a move that will likely trigger a schism.
The country's anti-LGBTQ views have resurfaced ahead of a proposed constitutional amendment.
“The pain doled out by The United Methodist Church must stop,” the fired pastor says of the large religious denomination.
The attack in Quetta, Pakistan, happened during a worship service.
The Trump administration is behaving in ways that will imperil American children for years to come.
Same-sex marriage is legal in the U.S. But the United Methodist Church still doesn't condone it.
The United Methodist’s Judicial Council, its highest court, has declared that the consecration of Bishop Karen Oliveto violated
America took in 169,000 Bosnian war refugees during the nineties. I was one of them.
A LifeWay Research survey of a thousand Protestant churches found that while 78 percent have a website, less than half of
By Clayton McCleskey Religion News Service (RNS) The Rev. James Howell knew he had a problem on his hands when several teenagers