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In the next week, millions of Americans will hear and read news stories about global warming. They'll hear that allowing global average temperatures to increase by more than 2°C would be dangerous. There's only one problem: Americans think in degrees Fahrenheit.
For the moment, school systems don't seem in a rush to change that -- but perhaps a conversation about it in the presidential
I don't want to be overweight. But I get it. You've got to eat less and exercise. And that goes against my philosophy. I believe in living every day like it's the last day of my life. And who's going to exercise on the last day of their life?
From eating pizza to the metric system and more it's really a different world out there. Here are some more differences that travel has revealed.
After traveling around the world for two years we've noticed many differences between America and the rest of the world. From the proper way to eat pizza to how to tell time, here are a few of our favorites.
Americans eat pizza the way it was intended, by picking up a slice with their hands. In other countries they daintily eat pizza the wrong way, (I grew up in New York so yes, I can be harshly judgmental about this,) with a knife and fork.
Archeologists occasionally dig up strange artifacts that make no sense. Carefully crafted in gold or silver, they obviously
In the same way that the foot was obviously invented by a potentially vain, math-hating medieval person, the meter was clearly invented by an anti-social mathematician.
All countries utilize a mixture of historical and metric units, but the United States is especially multicultural in this area. A simple trip to the grocery store might find you purchasing a two-liter container of a soft drink, a gallon of milk and a pound of beef.
That's another thing about back then. Everybody smoked and drank, all the time. If you ever watch old TV shows, the people are all smoking. Even Lassie!