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Last week, a colleague said, "The Flint water crisis is a crime against humanity." I was taken aback. This is a serious charge
We can both express hope for and faith in trusted colleagues who are accused and also show awareness of and concern for the many survivors who have come forward and not been believed, who never came forward because they did not expect to be believed, and who have yet to wrestle with that decision.
Don't judge a cup by its color, but by its content. If the color of Starbuck's cups is offensive to you, as a Christian or otherwise, maybe you should stop and ask yourself why?
Among the best reasons to have had old laws, driven by nothing but religious bigotry, struck down is the thought that this LGBT generation and the next, and the next will never have to misname their marriages ever again, let alone justify them.
Metropolitan Community Churches are proud to say marriage equality has been part of our DNA for almost 50 years. One of the first things our founder, Rev. Elder Troy Perry, did after forming Metropolitan Community Church in 1968 was to begin performing marriage ceremonies.
The Indiana firestorm over a bill designed to pass off discrimination as religious liberty may serve as an unintended stepping stone to equal protection under the law for all Americans -- including LGBTQ Americans -- but this will not happen if we let down our guard.
In the name of progress and compromise, we may be setting ourselves up to be pawns in a global strategy of placing religious rights over all other constitutional and civil liberties.
Sincerely held beliefs can be wrong -- even in light of core tenets of a person's faith, let alone constitutional laws. Equality before the law does not infringe on any core religious belief in any religion. All religions teach that others should be treated with kindness and respect.
"We have legal weddings all the way scheduled into 2016," Merritt said, all of which he believes are for same-sex couples
If we were looking at our own country from the outside, would we be calling recent actions "riots?" More likely we would be lauding "freedom fighters" in a country that purports democracy but implements a police state where the poor and racially oppressed are targeted.
Dear America, we greet you as Christians who believe that freedom in Christ means that all persons deserve respect and equality before God and the law.
The recent appearance of pastors and churches declaring their willingness to perform marriages for same-sex couples has led to some of the most amazing imagery of the marriage equality struggle. Imagery the likes of which seemed all too impossible not long ago, especially in the deeply-red states of America.
Today, we like to think people of ancient times were ignorant to blame blindness on sin. Not so fast! The issue then and now is less ignorance and more political opportunism.
Resources: Check out Green Faith and Our Voices -- get your organization involved. Go to -- join the movement. Explore
In 2013, the world witnessed the largest displacement of religious communities in recent memory. In almost every corner of
It is time to blow the whistle on religious demagogues who say they are victims if they are not allowed to take away the rights of others.
It is NOT too late. God has gifted us all with Paradise. Let us cherish this sacred gift and pass it to our children and
No matter how many times someone stands up with blood on their hands and says, "I massacred this Christian because you allow two people of the same gender to marry each other," it does not make it true.
With so many LGBT people suffering from income inequality, poverty is an LGBT concern. Marriage equality brings a landslide of privileges and economic benefits to a family -- but if the family is living on minimum wage, they probably cannot even afford a marriage license.
In the wake of Human Rights Day and Nelson Mandela's state funeral, it is more clear than ever that we are all called to be our higher selves. We are called to believe and act like our lives make a difference.