metropolitan police department

The Metropolitan Police Department is “plainly a very different, and much better, law enforcement agency than it was" 17 years ago.
Alonzo Smith reportedly ran into the hallway saying, "Somebody help me, they're trying to kill me."
The Metropolitan Police Department later confirmed that Jason Goolsby had committed no crime.
The OPC found one card that included “the ‘skull and crossbones’ logo, with knives in place of the crossbones and a cobra
The mass arrests took place on the first day of anti-globalization protests. Among those arrested were nurses in the city
“While the recordings could surface in court cases, they'd be otherwise out of reach for the reporters or the public -- even
As a side-effect of the light-handing approach, D.C. demonstrations have gotten less national coverage than protests in other
Now, more than ever, we must pay attention to the practices and policies of the office tasked with prosecuting our youth. In 2011, there were 3,464 arrests of youth in the District and more than 42 percent of these were for non-violent misdemeanors.
The mayor's office has a surplus, meaning that its decision to restrict funding from this organization is not only strategically ill-conceived, as it invariably invites more youth to pursue a path of violence and crime, it is morally unjustifiable.
On May 7, 1998, my daughter, Shannon, a 23-year-old student, was raped and killed by a man who broke into her apartment at 2 a.m. Her killer previously had raped at least four other women, but police failed to realize they had a serial rapist on their hands because detectives had classified two of the cases as "non-criminal offenses."
And that's exactly what happened to two customers dining at Pizzoli's Pizza in the Logan Circle area in May. Currently, Blanco
WASHINGTON -- The D.C. police officer accused of threatening to shoot first lady Michelle Obama claimed Wednesday in a disciplinary
Since the 1970s, the nation's capital has had some of the strongest local gun laws on the books in the United States. But
WASHINGTON -- Police in the nation's capital are looking for suspects involved in an apparent robbery and short car chase
On Wednesday night, D.C. police said they arrested three men in connection with the attack on 29-year-old Thomas Maslin, who
In their complaint -- read it here -- Jones and Weeks say they were subject to a whole range of actionable behavior. Here's