Mexican American

The Republican-dominated board embraced ethnic studies after a five-year campaign by educators and activists.
BuzzFeed's Maya Murillo described the experience as an “emotional journey.”
Watch the rapper explain the importance of black and brown solidarity.
In response to the Saturday, Aug. 12 happenings in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a woman was killed by a driver while
The permanent injunction follows a two-week bench trial that found Republican-backed ethnic studies restrictions unconstitutional.
“I’m a wreck. I’m going to cry again like 10 other times today.”
"Thank you for including Us. Thank you for making my mommy feel like she belongs," a Mexican-American fan wrote to Pixar.
The State Board of Education’s vote marks a setback for ethnic studies advocates.
The state's poor teacher pay and low teacher qualification standards are creating a vacuum that will harm students.
Heirs to our nation's Hispanic heritage know the rigorous nature of our fight for decency and equality.
My Abuelito’s citizenship papers document the extraordinary way he became an American.
Education is the best defense against coming off as a racist, so here’s a quick refresher.
The ruling by a U.S. District Court found that the Republican-controlled state legislature violated the First and 14th Amendments in a 2010 law.